Terms of Delivery

Your registration of Dot-Print Site allows you to use the online shopping service under the following terms and conditions as a Dot Color user.

  1. Personal Data Protection Warranty

Dot-print warrants that the user's personal data will not be used for purposes other than to process the delivery and dispatch of newsletters and other communications related to the delivery of the products ordered by the user and the sending of messages related to promotions of Dot-print. Personal data is also used to issue an invoice and warranty for the product purchased by the user, as well as a contact for specifying details of the order.

  1. Execution of the order

Accepting these terms and completing the data in the Account Opening Account - Sign Up for Customer Login - finalizes the registration process by clicking on the Request Register button. Purchasing through the online Dot-print system takes place after the user agrees and after all the steps of the order process are completed and confirmed by clicking on the Buy button.

III. Fulfilling an order

  1. The order is executed by starting it by finalizing the ordering process by pressing on the Order button. Execution starts when a company employee begins processing it and the order is sent to production.
  2. Processing of the order shall commence at the latest on the first business day for the company within the eight hours of work. The production time takes three to five business days of the sent order form. In the case of lack of availability, the user will be informed of the user's phone number or email address and specify the new delivery materials and parameters.
  3. The delivery shall be effected within a time limit which is related to the internal order of performance of the supplies of Dotcolor Ltd. and the logistic companies with which it interacts.
  4. The delivery of the goods shall be effected by a delivery receipt and an invoice.
  5. Responsibility for the storage and condition of the goods after their transmission to the user is carried by the user himself. The user undertakes to use the goods in view of their intended purpose and to comply with the instructions for their operation, as described in the site or in the accompanying documentation, if any.
  6. Delivery can not be guaranteed in circumstances beyond the control of Dotcolor Ltd or force majeure.
  7. Prices and Payment Terms
  8. Goods purchased by Dotcolor Ltd shall be paid at the prices in force at the time of the sale or upon prior written agreement between the consumer and Dotcolor Ltd. The user agrees that the change in the prices of all goods is subject to a decision by Dotcolor Ltd.
  9. Payment shall be made in advance or at the latest at the time of receipt of the goods, except in the case of another bilateral arrangement between the consumer and Dotcolor Ltd. and in compliance with the applicable legislation.
  10. Claims

Claims must be filled within the deadlines provided for by the law. Exceeding these deadlines will be considered equivalent to acceptance of the goods. Claims for lack of parts of the product and obvious defects are claimed when the goods are accepted by the consumer. Claims are recorded by Dotcolor Ltd. and the necessary actions are taken in accordance with the current legislation.

VII. Status - tracking and information

Tracking the status of the goods can be done on our phone +359 2 917 85 21 or email office@dotcolor.eu The user has the right to call at the office of Dotcolor OOD or to write to the company's email address in order to be informed about the order of the order. The user is required to provide an accessible information channel for notification of the progress of the order by Dotcolor OOD.

VIII. Cancel the order.

  1. The consumer has the right to cancel the order within 1 hour in a business day for the day after its release or on the condition that the ordered products have not left the warehouse.
  2. The consumer has the right to surrender and return the shipment received from Dotcolor Ltd. with the ordered items within 7 (seven) business days as of the moment of receipt of the goods. The goods must not have an unfair commercial appearance, there must be no visible damage to the surface of the goods and the packaging is not damaged, except in a way that is used only to open it.
  3. The amount of the canceled order shall be refunded within 30 working days of the date of its refusal.
  4. In the case of a card payment, the amount is refunded with a credit transaction on the card account.
  5. Limitation of Responsibilities

Dotcolor Ltd is not responsible for the delayed acceptance or unjustified denial of receipt by the consumer. Dotcolor Ltd is not responsible for any potential consequences associated with the order process, as well as any damages, losses or lost profits due to non-observance of the terms and conditions of delivery.

The General Terms and Conditions are subject to change that takes effect after its publication on www.dot-print.eu and is not related to notifying the user of the changes to part or all of the text.